CJSan visited us recently and had these wonderful words to say about our Westbank Plantation Tour on Trip Advisor:

Joseph was very kind and friendly. He was willing to answer any questions about restaurants, history of, or things todo around the city. He even told me about a 2$ bus to the airport that saved me a ton of money!

One of the fabulous plantations featured on the Westbank Plantation Tour is Laura: A Creole Plantation. If you want to see some authentic Creole architecture and take an incredible journey back in time, have your passport ready as you enter the fascinating world of Louisiana Creoles who, at Laura, lived apart from the American mainstream for over 200 years. Laura's acclaimed guided tour is based upon personal, compelling accounts found in the French National Archives as well as from Laura's Plantation Memoirs about life on this historic farm. Laura was built in 1805, and is still surrounded by sugarcane with 12 buildings on the National Register, formal and kitchen gardens, and authentic slave cabins.

Thank you, CJSan–and if anyone else would like to enjoy one of our wonderful plantation tours you can check them out here or simply contact us! More information on Laura can be found at their website.